Weekend away in Dublin

For my partners birthday I decided to take him to Dublin.

We jetted off on a Friday morning, and came home Sunday evening. The flight from London is just over an hour which isn’t to bad at all. By the time you’re up in the air and have a cup of tea – it’s time to come back down!

We stayed in The Ashling Hotel which was beautiful! Neither of us had ever been to Dublin, so we relied on reviews to pick the hotel – and it didn’t disappoint. The hotel is a 5-10minute tram ride away from the main centre. So you’re close to the night life, but far away enough that it doesn’t disturb you.

See the source image

I’d recommend getting a tram card from the airport. It cost about €60 each and that’s for unlimited tram rides for 3 days. At the airport we also got a bus to the city centre and then a tram to the hotel. All in all, it took about an hour from the airport to our hotel. But we saved €30 Euro by not getting a cab – so it’s definitely worth it.

I emailed the hotel a week before we were due to fly out and made them aware what time our flight was due in. This is because check in isn’t usually until after midday but we arrived at 11am. The hotel had our room ready which was a nice touch, so we were able to freshen up before heading out exploring!

The people in Dublin are so lovely. The whole vibe is something else – everyone is happy and up for a good time. Our first stop was to grab a Guinness from somewhere! We headed for the Temple Pub which is well known.

IMG_1587 - dublin

At just after 11am, the pub was already so busy! But we were able to find two stalls and enjoy the atmosphere. There were a little folk band playing in the pub, and apparently it’s the same anywhere you go. People off the street can just walk in with their guitars and start playing. There are little cobbled streets and walls are colourful. We found this mural of Connor McGregor down a little cobbled street:

IMG_1589 - dublin

Whilst in Dublin we went to see Chris Rock live, went to the Guinness Storehouse, went shopping and had a nose at Phoenix Park which was beautiful.

The Guinness factory (known as The Guinness Storehouse) is interesting and I’d recommend going. We booked our tickets beforehand, but you can buy them on the day. You get taught how to pour the perfect pint and get to enjoy your pint whilst enjoying the beautiful skyline.

IMG_1588 - dublin

We also went to Connor McGregor’s gym. So if you are a fan of his definitely pop there! It’s called Straight Blast Gym Ireland (SBG) and it’s in what looks like an industrial park. It’s about a 15 minute tram ride from the city centre.

We only spent 2 nights in Dublin, but I felt like that was plenty of time. When I go again, I’d probably spend the same amount of time there.

Upon departure, we were handed a bag of sweets from the hotel for our joinery home. I thought this was a nice extra!

We spent approximately €500 for 3 days. But that did include all of our food and drink, as well as our tram tickets!

If you’re thinking about going Dublin:

a – you won’t be disappointed

b- The Ashling Hotel is relatively priced and the staff were great, rooms big and breakfast and dinner lovely!

c – the people are great! So lovely and genuine. Definitely a beautiful part of the world.

Lou-Lou London xox

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