Coppafeel & Fabulous magazine – Trek to Transylvania fundraising

I found out on Thursday 5th April, that I’d been chosen to do a trek in Transylvania with none other than Tom Fletcher and Lisa Snowden!


I need to raise £2200 in order to take part, so please can you give me tips on fundraising?

I have a few business who are willing to donate towards a raffle – so maybe if you’re a business or know someone who’d like recognition- please let me know.

For those who don’t know, Coppafeel is a charity that wants to draw attention to breast cancer. CHECK YOUR BOOBS!

Cancer affects each and everyone of us in some way, so to be able to do something amazing for charity is really appealing.

My page is:

I’ll be keeping everyone updated on my progress! So a big thanks.
If you do donate, I’ll personally give you a shoutout on all my social media pages – including a letter I submit to Fabulous magazine!
Lou-Lou London xox

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