Crazy Bear – Stadhampton

On Wednesday 25th January-Thursday 26th January, I had the pleasure of staying in the magnificent hotel called Crazy Bear in Stadhampton.

I’ve been to the Crazy Bear restaurant in Fitzrovia with my boyfriend and we instantly fell in love with the food and decor.

Crazy Bear is known for being quirky and elaborate so we decided that we’d have to go to the hotel (there are two – one in Stadhampton and another in Beconsfield).

Upon arrival, we went into the reception which is located on a big red bus – an actual bus! This alone was enough for me to tell people they have to go here just to experience checking-in on a bus!
We were also offered a glass of champagne and our bags were taken by a pleasant gentlemen who told us a brief history of the hotel and also pointed out the bar, restaurants, spa and farm shop.

We were fortunate enough to have a suite to ourselves – but I should add that the hotel itself is expensive and a suite can cost over £300 per night – so sign up to the newsletter on the website and occasionally you’ll get sent offers for hotel and dinners.

Our room was Suite 1 – also known as “The Dark room”. This room was spectacular.


As you can see the room was ‘dark’.

Soft black carpet, black snake-skin velvet wallpaper, black sofa’s, soft black drapes, lace black headboard and matching lace around the bed – and minimal lighting.

It was sexy.

The copper bath at the end of the bed is probably what the hotel is most famous for – and it was spectacular!

Once we drank our champagne, we relaxed on the sofa’s whilst watching the plasma TV and unpacked.

We were surprised that the bathroom itself didn’t have a door – so be warned in you’re in suite 1 – you shouldn’t mind pooping where your partner can listen!
Luckily, this wasn’t a problem for us! 😉

The bathroom had  black and gold marble everywhere! The shower was strong and powerful and it even had underfloor heating!
You don’t have to bring toiletries as the toiletries they supply smell gorgeous and you even get some to take home with you!

We had dinner reservations at 8pm in the Thai restaurant (there is also an English restaurant), but we decided to get in the bar for about 7pm so we could enjoy some cocktails!

The bar is in the same area as the restaurants – the English is on the floor above the bar and the Thai below the bar.

The bar reminded me of an old English pub. The decor was very ‘country’ – wood, warm fireplace, beautiful views of the fields and cottages outside – but with a Crazy Bear quirk – bright turquoise chairs!

We had two cocktails, one was the ‘cocktail of the day’ and the other consisted of chilli! img_6035

The cocktails themselves were fairly expensive, from £9.95 – £12.95 per drink.

After we enjoyed our cocktails, we were asked if we’re ready for dinner – a nice quality as we didn’t feel rushed.

We went down the stairs into the Thai restaurant and again, the luxurious surroundings were breathtaking.

The food was out of this world, and we were told that the meat is reared on the farm – so you know the meat you’re eating is fresh!

I can recommend the Trio of Meats – honestly they were so gorgeous.

I apologise about the pictures of our food – it was too yummy for me to stop eating and take a picture!

After eating my body-weight in food and drinking a bottle of wine between us – it was soon 10pm and we were ready to go back to our room.

We began to run the bath – but be careful because it’s copper it can get extremely hot! The bath takes around 25mins to fill, but once we sunk in and relaxed in front of the TV – it was bliss!


The bath is big enough for two people without being squished – and it was just romantic to be in an intimate surrounding like this.

Breakfast is served until 10am during the week so we went to the restaurant to have our breakfast at about 9am.

You can upgrade from a continental breakfast for £8 per person, which I thought was reasonably priced.

The bar area serves as the breakfast dining room and my boyfriend enjoyed the upgrade. He was able to have duck eggs instead of normal chicken eggs which was something I’ve never experienced in a hotel before!

The sausages and bacon were reared on the farm – and the bacon was lovely!

You can help yourself to as much continental breakfast as you please, and we spent over 30 minutes in here just talking, as we didn’t feel rushed to get out.

Check out is at 11am – £20 per hour on top of this if you want a later check out.

We decided to check out at 11am, and took a quick walk to the farm shop which was lovely.

Overall, the whole experience is worth doing. We already want to go back.

I’d read on Tripadvisor of mixed reviews – but I can say it was a 9/10 from me (the reason not a 10/10 is because it is pricey but if you can get a deal then I’d definitely recommend going!)

The staff were friendly and helpful and the food was lovely.
The rooms were out of this world, and apparently each room has a different theme.

Be careful when booking what room you get, as I’d recommend staying in the hotel quarters – as there are rooms about a 10 minute walk from reception which is down a country lane and not even on the hotel premises! Our room was literally next door to the function room and a 2 minute walk from the restaurants which was lucky.

My boyfriend and I loved staying here and the whole time we were here was relaxing and definitely bought us closer together which we didn’t think was possible!

Make sure you book in advance though as it sells out quickly!
Even on a Wednesday, we were surprised at how busy it was!

Let me know if you’ve been to the Beconsfield hotel – as this is the one we would love to go to next!

Lou-lou London xox

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