New York City 2016

Back in January 2016, my boyfriend and I booked to go to New York to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.
We booked 6 nights from 11 December 2016 – 17 December 2016 (our anniversary was the 15th December).

We were very fortunate to get a great deal. We managed to book decent flights with Virgin and Delta, along with our beautiful hotel…

We got to stay in The Roosevelt Hotel

Altogether we paid ยฃ770 each – normally you’r lucky to get flights from Heathrow to JFK for this price – and we were able to get flights and accommodation! We booked through Expedia – so be sure to check them out!

Waiting from January to December was absolute torture! I was so excited to go and then I was impatient and wished we booked another holiday in between the wait – but I can say the wait was worth it.

I’d never been to New York before, but my boyfriend occasionally works out there so he knew his way around a bit – although he didn’t do any tourist stuff so we were able to share this experience together.

Our flights with Virgin from Heathrow to JFK weren’t that great to be honest. They ran out of food for us and also the seats were dirty. I’d heard such great reviews, but I did expect better. Whereas Delta absolutely surprised me – but in a good way!

We flew home with Delta and our flight was at 10pm – but it was delayed for an hour! Even due to this, Delta beat Virgin on customer service and quality. The staff were amazing and helpful, the leg room was bigger compared to Virgin and there was more options food wise. So if you have to pick between these both, I’d recommend Delta!


When we arrived at New York it was snowing! I was so happy and excited.
I was in a yellow taxi and in snowy NYC – OMG! The taxi driver even said “welcome to New York” ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

When we arrived at The Roosevelt, I was overwhelmed – it was beautiful. This is what I saw upon entering:


The lobby was massive and we even got our room upgraded for no reason! I’d stay here again, it’s in the middle of everything and at night it looks beautiful.

Our first day, we went to Woodbury Common, we had to get a bus (just so happened to be outside where Kanye West was staying!) there which took about 45mins – but it’s definitely worth going here.
The outlet has so many designer shops such as Prada, Ted Baker, Jimmy Choo, Ugg, Ralph Lauren – and many more. We managed to get two pairs of Timberland boots (one for me, one for my boyfriend) for $160. In England they’re at least ยฃ110 each!
If you want a bargain then you should go here, Levi jeans for $35 dollars a pair, Coach bags for $99, Uggs for $100….

When I saw Times Square I cried. It was so overwhelming and so bright! This was my favourite bit about New York and I said to my boyfriend how I want to be on one of the screens! If only…

We came back to Times Square everyday because I loved the atmosphere so much! There was a confetti station here and we got to write a wish on a piece of confetti and it would be released on NYE here! Oh, and guess what my boyfriend managed to do….

img_5421WE MADE IT ON A SCREEN IN TIMES SQUARE!! It was on loop all day and night – OMG

The Statue of Liberty was breathtaking. It was really interesting as we got given an audio stick to listen to, which tells you all about the history. Lady Liberty was so much bigger than I thought she’d be. We bought a City Pass which means you get a discounted entry to all tourist attractions, so it’s worth looking into as it means things work out cheaper..


We also managed to do the 9/11 museum and memorial, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Grand Central Station and The Empire State building on this day.
Be warned that the museum for 9/11 is heartbreaking. It’s a real eye-opener and makes you not take anything for granted. The people who sadly passed due to this terrible event are true hero’s and I wish them nothing but peace now. I began to take photo’s when here, but I felt so disrespectful I stopped after one.

Btw – there’s a lovely cafe right outside Grand Central Station – perfect for breakfast!

Central Park is enormous and it was so cold when we were there, the pond had frozen over! I’m glad I got the opportunity to visit such an iconic park; and the view from The Empire State building is amazing. It really is a concrete jungle with a tranquil park in the middle!

We popped into Carlo’s Bakery – which I was so pleased about! My little sister loves watching Buddy on TV – so I HAD to visit here! The cakes are pretty good also ๐Ÿ˜›
Whilst we were passing the bakery, we did shopping, had a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity’s, posed for silly pictures and even stopped to look at the BEST Christmas lights ever!!!

Sac’s light display is amazing. It was 11pm and the music and stunning displays made me actually tear up. America do things bigger and better than any country I know! Apparently every year there Christmas display is magnificent.

We visited Trump Tower, did all the tourist attractions, walked for miles and miles every day, laughed/cried/kissed in the snow, ate at a famous Steak restaurant, ate $1 pizza slices, and overall experienced New York in a way I will never forget. I can’t wait to come back to this amazing city. I love it here and would say to everyone to visit it when they can.

My boyfriend was so romantic and I can’t thank him enough for planning this trip!! He even gave me a present and card at 12pm on the dot of our anniversary whilst we were standing on top of the Empire State Building.
I’m so glad I experienced this with him.

If you’re planning a trip to NYC then make sure you visit the tourist attractions, and walk everywhere you can – you never know what gems you may come across.

I know this post is a bit mix-matched, but to be honest, it’s more a diary for me so I never forget the amazing trip we had.

We’re planning a trip to come back this year or next – so please let me know if you have anywhere we should visit ๐Ÿ™‚

Lou-Lou London xox


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