FACE : Pixiwoo’s new book

On Sunday 23rd October 2016, my sister Megan and I went to Bluewater to meet Pixiwoo – AKA Sam and Nic Chapman.

Sam and Nic Chapman are known globally for their Youtube channel, being make-up artists and also because of their phenomenal Real Technique make-up brushes!

I’m already a massive fan of theirs and use Real Technique brushes for my make-up. I actually prefer them over other brands, as they’re affordable but good quality.

So to get the opportunity to meet them, and get a copy of their book was a no-brainer. I HAD TO GO.

face book.JPG

Upon meeting them, you could see from a distance how beautifully applied their make-up and overall style is. The fact they actually have a talent, and have used this talent to help others and create a successful business is something I appreciate and admire. They were also really nice and grateful for the support of us being there.


Anyway, what I really want to write about is the book they’ve created.


I was slightly sceptical I admit of buying the book – but there are tips that will never age – and there is also a really cool feature I’ve never come across before.

They have launched an app called FACE, which works closely with the book. In order to reap the benefits and secret video’s you need to purchase the book.

In one of the first pages of the book, it explains that if you download the app you get even more features – and every time you come across the smartphone picture, you scan this on your app and a video comes up on your phone. The videos are so helpful and I just found this feature really cool.
It’s like watching their Youtube video’s, but it fits in on the section of the book you read, e.g. Eyes, Lips, Skin etc.

The book itself looks and feels incredible. It’s extremely thick and their are inspirational quotes and pictures of Sam and Nic, where they’ve used what they’ve just spoke about to create a look. The ‘before and after’ pictures were a lovely extra.

I’m trying to justify why this book is definitely worth the £20 it costs, without spoiling it too much for you.

My sister is only 16 and she really loves the book also. My mum had a read through and she was impressed by the helpful tips and explanations in the book. They actually say something along the lines of “if you have lines around your eyes then avoid…” – and this just shows this book is for all ages.

FACE also has very artistic photo’s of the duo, and it reminded me of a very high-end buy – rather than a high-street buy.

I was very fortunate and upon meeting Sam and Nic, they gave us a free Real Technique’s brush along with our book – and they even signed the book for us.

The overall whole day was really nice and well organised. The book itself is more of a make-up Bible.

I promise you that if you buy the book – you won’t be disappointed. But make sure you download the app as they are designed to work alongside one another.

Whether you are an aspiring make-up artist, or just want useful information on how to apply your own make-up… this book is for you!

Let me know if you’ve purchased this, or any other books you’ve loved!

Lou-lou London xox

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