Fright Night – Thorpe Park 2016

On Friday 21 October 2016, my boyfriend and I travelled to Thorpe Park for their Fright Night. I know it may seem a bit early, but we chose to go on a weekday 10 days before Halloween to avoid queues.


Tickets are priced at about £34.99 each, and parking was £6 for all day. These prices included the rides and also access to all of their ‘mazes’.

There’s always so much hype over Fright Night at Thorpe Park, and it’s renowned for putting scary ‘mazes’ on every year.

I’ve been with my boyfriend before about 2 years ago, and we decided to go back as it’s always good fun! But I’d recommend wrapping up as you’re outside all day and queuing for long periods of time, you can feel the chill like my boyfriend did! (He moaned I never put any pictures of him up on my blog when he reads it so here you go!)


We arrived at the park just after 10:30am (the park opens at 10am) and there was only a short 5 minute queue to collect our tickets.

As soon as you walk into the park, the nearest ride is called The Swarm and it instantly reminds me of a ride you’d expect to see in America. The props surrounding the ride include an aeroplane, fire engine, ambulance and bill-board. I’d definitely recommend going on this ride, and my boyfriend and I loved it so much we went on it twice throughout the day!

You expect queues, and we got told my a member of the public about the website which loads the ride queue times on it – so you can check throughout the day which rides have a small queue time – which is definitely handy!

If you’re short for time, or you’ve never been to Thorpe Park before, the rides I’d try and go on would be:

  • The Swarm
  • Colossus
  • Nemesis Inferno
  • Tidal Wave (weather permitting)
  • Saw
  • Stealth

Stealth is the really really really tall one you can’t help but notice when you see the park! It goes 0-80mph in less than 2 seconds. It’s not great for those who are scared of heights (like my boyfriend), but it’s over in 12 seconds! I really enjoyed it… Nick not so much:





We managed to go on all the rides by about 17:00pm – with average queues being 40minutes or less. You can purchase a fast-track ticket – but to be honest it isn’t really worth it as the queues are constantly moving and go fairly quickly.
The only fast-track ticket I’d probably buy if I was to go again would be to queue jump the mazes…

We’ve been on The Blair Witch Project maze a few years ago so decided to miss it this year around. Instead we decided to do a new maze called Project 15 – and this was only because the queue time was 15 minutes.

Platform 15 is rated 2/5 for scare-factor – BUT it should get a lot higher! I won’t spoil it for you who plan to go here… but trust me when I say this is definitely worth checking!

We then decided to queue for Saw Alive. This maze is always advertised for being the most scary – and being based on the Saw films, you’d expect this.

However, after queuing for over 90 minutes, we got to the front of the queue to be told you’re in the ‘maze’ for no more than 2 minutes. This whole maze is a waste of time. It’s not scary and definitely not worth more than a 20 minute queue. I’m gutted I wasted so much time queuing for this ‘maze’ when I could’ve been doing a much better maze!

I’d also recommend Derren Brown’s Ghost Train. It’s so strange and really confuses you and your mind. My boyfriend and I braved the 90 minute queue, and unlike Saw Alive – it was worth it.

Again, I won’t spoil it for you – but it’s worth spending so long queuing up for!
You can always pass the time by taking selfies like we did 😉


We were out of Thorpe Park by 9:30pm having done everything we wanted, and to be honest we were just tired and wanted to go home.

I’d recommend going to Fright Night at Thorpe Park – I’ve tried not to spoil things for you who plan to attend – but it’s such a good day whether you plan to go with friends, family or your partner.

Let me know if you plan to go this year, or you’ve already been – I’d love to hear what you think!

Lou-lou London xox


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