My 1st Years – First Birthday Present

So today -Sunday 16th October –  I was invited to a gorgeous little girls first birthday party.

My partner’s cousin, Arabella, is turning one on the 19th October and today was her party!

Arabella is such a beautiful little girl – and trust me when I say she doesn’t ever go without.

She’s the youngest cousin in their family for about 19 years – so of course everyone dotes on her.

My partner and I were struggling with ideas for presents. Firstly, we are both in our early twenties so have no idea when it comes to children – and secondly, she already has everything she could possibly wish for!

I knew I wanted to get her something personalised – a keepsake.

I know this isn’t what a one year old wants, but I thought that when she’s older it’ll be something she’ll appreciate (plus I gathered everyone would be getting her toys).

After some research, I came across a site called My 1st Years.

This sight is incredible. I could’ve spent a fortune and hours and hours on here – and I don’t even have any children! What’s even better is they ship abroad.

My partner is like the majority of men – not fussed about anything. So the present choosing was left with me!

After some careful narrowing down, I decided on these two gifts:

A beautiful photo-frame which was personalised, as well as a baby pink onesie with little bear ears (also personalised).

Altogether, including express delivery and a personalised ribbon- the items cost £50. But, if you sign up to their newsletter or recommend a friend, you can get up to 20% off.

The packaging the items came in is stunning!

 I mean, look how lovely and expensive the boxes look! The ribbon was just over £2 – and I thought this was a lovely touch! The items in the boxes were wrapped in white tissue paper and the whole packaging just looked divine.

The presents were appreciated by Arabella’s parents, and even the other family members complimented us on our unique gifts.

Overall, if you’re stuck for gift ideas, or want to treat your little one – I’d head over the the website – as there’s so many items on here!

They even included this in the box:img_4246

It’s such a nice touch and I was so pleased of the quality of the packaging, products and the fact they’re able to deliver within 2 days!

This isn’t my usual post, but I was so impressed – I thought I’d share!

Let me know your thoughts – or any other websites you can recommend as I have a baby shower on the 19th November!

Loulou-London xox

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