Mcfly – Anthology Tour

On Monday 26th September, myself and my not-so-little sister Megan went to see Mcfly perform at the 02 Kentish forum.

First of all the venue was really nice. It didn’t look like much from the outside, but the inside is like an old theatre – and even though we were standing – if you got the circle seats I can probably guarantee you’d be able to see everything.

We got Live Nation VIP tickets which meant we were able to access the standing area 45 minutes earlier than general ticket holders.
This worked well for us as it meant we were able to get a pretty close spot to the stage, and we got given a souvenir wristband to keep, which was an added bonus 🙂


The venue itself is very intimate and I was surprised to see that they had a sell-out concert.

The support act was called My- and she was actually really good. Here’s a leaflet she gave out – just in case you want to hear what she’s like!



As soon as they came on stage I felt like my 13 year old self again (considering they were playing songs from their first album this isn’t surprising).

They sounded really good and were really funny on stage.
They admitted they were being reviewed by numerous people (me included) and said all the things they’ve already “fcked up on”

*in their own words

I was reasonably close to the stage and here are a few pictures of them for you to enjoy:

They sang songs including their opening song which was “Five colours in her hair” to “Obviously” – with an added bonus of performing “Transylvania” which wasn’t even meant to be performed on this night.

They asked the crowd what song they wanted to hear – it could’ve been anything – and the crowd retorted with “Transylvania”.

Towards the end of the night we even managed to get these:


We got 3 guitar picks – the only thing is we don’t know who’s belongs to who!

It was such a lovely evening shared with my younger sister, and reminded me of my childhood 🙂

Please let me know if you could help with the pick-problem!

Loulou-London xox

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