Autumn skincare routine: Liz Earle

Now it’s getting colder, I’ve noticed my skin has become very dry – normally I have combination/oily skin.

I have to ‘blot’ once a day if I’m wearing make-up.

Just a quick tip before I go onto my autumn skin care routine, if you find yourself oily during the day – but when you apply powder – you feel it’s cakey, what I do is:

  • get a tissue – whether it’s toilet tissue, or a napkin.
  • Split the tissue paper in half (normally there’s two thin sheets pushed together to make one).
  • Gently press the tissue onto my face, being sure I don’t rub or wipe.
  • Do this all over your face, you’ll notice the tissue will have an oil-like substance on it (totally gross looking).
  • Then go ahead and put on your pressed powder.

What I find is by doing this, you remove the excess oil that makes you look shiny, and it means the power sits nicer on your skin and you won’t look cakey or as if you’ve got loads of make up on.

Anyway, moving onto my skin care routine…

If you read my blog, you’ve probably noticed I use Liz Earle’s ‘hot cloth cleanser’ as I find this removes my make-up and helps with blemishes.

I’ve done my research and read reviews, and as Liz Earle’s products appeal to me.
They’re naturally sourced and they don’t test on animals.

When I went online to re-order the ‘hot cloth cleanser’, I decided to try the moisturiser as well – as during the Autumn and Winter months, my skin gets dry.

I ordered a package worth £90 – for only £45 – including free delivery. Look how cute the order was when it arrived:

The envelope on the top is just your despatch note, and it includes who put together your parcel, which I thought was a nice, personal touch.

The fact it’s also all wrapped in tissue paper, just shows how much care goes into making sure your goods arrive nicely.
I know you pay a bit more for these products, but the little touches just show you why!

So, my parcel included:


  1. One 150ml ‘hot cloth cleanser’ with 2 muslin cloths.
  2. One 200ml ‘instant boost skin tonic’.
  3. One 50ml ‘skin repair moisturiser for combination/oily skin’.
  4. One 50ml ‘intensive nourishing treatment mask’.
  5. One 50ml ‘eyebright soothing eye lotion’.
  6. One 100ml ‘hot cloth cleanser – rose and lavender’.

I’m not going to lie – I’ve never used an eye cream before and I don’t really need another ‘hot cloth cleanser’ – but this was too good a deal to pass up.

I’ve been using the ‘hot cloth cleanser’, eye lotion, ‘skin tonic’ and moisturiser every day for a week now – and OMG – the results are amazing.
My skin hasn’t improved drastically – but it feels soft, my pores look smaller and my make up sits so much better.

When I have a ‘bad skin day’ I use the treatment mask and it works wonders. I don’t know if it’s psychological  but nevertheless, if it makes me feel better about my skin – then who cares!

On a serious note, I’d reccomend Liz Earl to anyone who suffers from blemishes or sensitive skin.

My daily routine used to be:

  1. Wash face in morning.
  2. Take make-up off with ‘hot cloth cleanser’.

Now my routine is:

  1. Wash face in morning.
  2. Use skin tonic on a small cotton pad all over my face and neck.
  3. Use a pea-sized amount of moisturiser.
  4. Take make-up off with ‘hot cloth cleanser’.
  5. Repeat step 4.
  6. Use eye lotion of an evening every other day, by putting a small amount on a cotton pad and resting on my eyes for 5/10 minutes. (reduces puffyness)

My new routine does take a little longer, but my skin is thanking me for it. I’d say my new routine probably adds 10 minutes of a morning and less than 10 minutes of an evening.

Remember, as the weather gets colder, you need to look after your skin a little more. Applying moisuriser will also help soothe any blemishes.

Let me know what your skincare routine is – I’d love some tips if you have any!

Loulou-London xox


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