Hyundai Mercury Prize 2016

On Thursday 15th September 2016, my boyfriend and I went to the Mercury Prize, held at the Eventim Apollo (Hammersmith Apollo), London.


I bought the tickets last minute. It was Monday when I actually purchased them, and the awards were on the Thursday.

This was the first year in which the general public are able to view the awards in person – other than on TV – and it was also the 25th anniversary of the Mercury Prize.

For these reasons, it’s why I thought I’d see if I’m able to get tickets.


I bought the tickets for £35 each and this was one of the cheapest tickets available. The general public were only able to sit in the Circle area of the theatre, and our tickets were Row K – so I was fairly pleased with this!

I decided to take my boyfriend as I didn’t really know a lot about the artists who were there, and I know he is a Skepta fan so would have fun!

I didn’t realise just how prestigious this award is. Nor did I realise how many famous artists and bands have been nominated previously in hope to win an award.
E.G. Coldplay, Gorillaz, Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, Spice Girls, David Bowie etc.

There’s only one winner out of a shortlisted 12 artists/bands nominated – and a £25,000 prize – and you win for ‘The Best Album of the Year’.

The 2016 shortlist was as follows:

All of the artists/bands nominated performed, except that of Radiohead (and obviously David Bowie but Michael Hall performed on his behalf).

The evening was televised on BBC, and the performances were all amazing. Unfortunately you weren’t able to take pictures of film the performance by Anohni for some reason. But her voice is so powerful and moving I’d definitely recommend downloading the album.

The winning album is chosen by a panel of judges – so no one knows who the winner is until the night.

Skepta was unveiled as the winner on the night, and his performance of ‘Shutdown’ really got the audience going.

Skepta performing ‘Shutdown’. As you can see our view was really good from our seats. (Apologies for the Snapchat on this picture, but feel free to add me Lauren Louise)

I’m so happy I decided to go on a whim and buy the tickets, as I’ve found some new artists I’ve never heard of prior to this – and can’t stop listening too!

My favourites from the night were from Kano, The 1975, Michael Kiwanuka and Anohni. I’ve never been into grime music – and didn’t even know who Michael Kiwanuka and Anohni were – so it’s opened my eyes (or should I say ears) to whole different genres I now like.

My boyfriend is really into grime music, and he adored the performance by The Comet is Coming – and they’re a jazz band!

Overall, I’d say if you’re able to go out of your comfort zone and go into a situation totally open-minded, then you’ll definitely appreciate new things.

This is what I did when I bought the tickets, and I’m so glad I did.

If you get a chance to go to the Mercury Prize next year – or watch/listen to the awards – then I’d recommend it. There is so much talent out there that just doesn’t get the recognition deserving.

Let me know of any artists/bands you’d recommend to me – as I’m now listening to other genre’s other than POP!

Loulou-London xox

P.S. If you buy tickets to go to the Eventim Apollo – don’t worry is it says “restricted seating” if you’re on Row K – these were our seats and it just means you have the entrance to the stairs in front of you. But, your view of the stage is great – and you get extra leg room!


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