On Saturday 10th September 2016, I went to an event called #FriendsFest in Chelmsford, Essex.

For all you friends fans –OMG I would say get tickets to go next year!

This is the first time I’ve been and I went with my older sister Katie. We both had no idea of what to expect – all we knew was we were going to go in Monica and Chandler’s apartment which we were super excited about.

When we arrived, I was surprised to see this was an outdoor event. The layout however was very well thought of, as it made sure you wouldn’t miss anything before you got to the exit.

We headed to the first marquee which was a silent disco. You got given headphones and could pick between 3 stations of music. There was two podiums in this room with ‘Happy New Year’ balloons darted behind it.

That’s when it hit me. This is Monica’s and Ross’ dance routine set!

As you can see, it looked pretty awesome.

You even got taught the dance routine they do – which was a great laugh.

Next I got married. Yep that’s right… well almost.

My sister and I popped on some wedding dresses and a veil (in my sisters case, a helmet) and went to Rachel and Ross’ chapel of love in Las Vegas!

The staff were more than willing to take photo’s of you and I could not stop laughing at this.

We then went to Central Perk and although this space was busy, the staff made sure there was an orderly queue for certain things such as sitting on the couch, or getting a drink, or performing ‘Smelly Cat’ live…

I did perform ‘Smelly Cat’ – although be warned the microphone is on so if you sing like I did – everyone will hear you!

We had a seat in The Diner where Monica worked, before heading off to Monica and Chandler’s apartment..

As you can see, everything was spot on. I was so surprised at how they recreated this. In the background they were playing Friends which was a nice touch. I totally freaked when we got to look around the apartment and the details were amazing!

My sister and I also recreated the opening credits…

As well as going into Joey and Chandler’s apartment..

The little details surprised me. They even had the door chopped in half, along with the reclining chairs. The plants and magazine racks I didn’t even notice, but as they were playing Friends on the TV – you noticed this and it was amazing how someone thought tp include this for us!

I got myself a Friends jumper, and there is a shop there so you can buy all your souvenirs.

I paid roughly £25 per ticket and I’d say this was worth it.

The staff are so friendly and helpful, and for any Friends fans out there – I’d say you’d love this!

They apparently did one last year, so hopefully they continue this next year and you’d be able to go.

I loved this and so did my sister. You have a right giggle and they’re open until 10pm so you can pick a time to go when it isn’t as busy. I went at 6:30pm and the queues were no more than 5 minutes.

Let me know if you’ve been to #FriendsFest and what you thought of it! 🙂

Loulou-London xox

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