Detox: Bootea

After weeks and weeks of eating ice-creams and cocktails, I began to feel sluggish, bloated and dreaded wearing tight fitting clothes over my stomach area.

After moaning to colleagues, I was recommended to try Bootea.


I was a bit sceptical at first. I didn’t want to waste money over a fad, and I didn’t want to do anything that was unhealthy so began to research…

I read blogs of those who have tried Bootea, as well as going on the official website, and was surprised at what I heard:

  • Bootea is 100& natural
  • Bootea contains no artificial colours or preservatives

Someone claimed on their blog that they fell pregnant whilst taking Bootea, and I’ve had a look at the FAQ’s on the official website and Bootea even states “our tea’s may affect the accuracy of the pill”.

So you have been warned.

I decided to buy a 14 day detox from Holland and Barrett for £19.99 and my mum joined me.

There are a few instructions:


So you have to take a ‘morning tea’ every morning, and a ‘bedtime tea’ every other night.

I read on the reviews and blogs that people noticed weight loss on top of better skin and better mind.

After taking the first ‘bedtime’ and ‘morning’ tea – I noticed why people :
A- lost weight
B- the contraceptive pill may not work

This is because, well without being crude – you poo loads.

I know this is disgusting, but I want to be as honest as possible, and the reviews I read no one mentioned this factor.

My mum suffered the same side-affect, and it would’ve been nice to have a heads-up as commuting on a busy train into Central London and needing to poo badly wasn’t a pleasant experience for anyone.

I did however noticed fast results.
After Day 3 – 3lbs weight loss
After Day 8 – 5lbs weight loss
After Day 11 – 6lbs weight loss
After Day 14 – 7 1/4lbs weight loss

Not only did I lose weight, I also felt better about myself. I lost my bloated stomach instantly and was really impressed by the way I felt.

The tea bags tasted okay as well. I won’t lie and say they were delicious, but they were by no means disgusting. The tea bags looked like this:tea2bbags

I was impressed at the quality of the tea bags and the aroma was pleasant also.

My mum lost 6lbs overall and she said she wouldn’t do this again – but that’s simply because of the ‘toilet’ side-effect.

Overall, I would recommend this detox to anyone who is looking to cleanse their body. I wouldn’t advise this to lose weight as there are healthier ways, and losing weight isn’t guaranteed – but if you feel sluggish then this would be perfect.

They also do a 28 day detox, but I’m not that committed!

I’m sorry to be crude on my review, but I’m trying to be as honest as possible. Had I known of the side-effects, I’m not sure I would’ve given this a go – let alone on top of the contraceptive risk. But saying that – I am glad as I feel so much better about myself.

Let me know if you’ve tried this detox or if you’d recommend anything for me to do in a few months time.

Loulou-London xox



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