Michael Kors & Victoria Secrets

My boyfriend went to Las Vegas for a week and came back Friday 27th August 2016, with goodies!

But this isn’t going to be a ‘look what I got’ post. I’m going to share a few of my wish-list favs of each brand.

I didn’t ask for a present (just hinted!) – so when my boyfriend came back with some – of course I was happy to accept!

He got me these:

A beautiful light grey (apparently it’s called charcoal) Michael Kors purse, and also some lovely pants from Victoria Secrets.

The purse is stunning and I was so surprised he picked it himself – it’s got plenty of room for all of my cards and coins – and just looks so different from anything I’ve seen recently.

I won’t bother showing you the knickers he got me because, well that’s a bit weird!

But – these purchases got me thinking – and it’s only 116 days until Christmas (UK time as of 30/08/16) so what better time to get writing my Christmas list!

I may be too old, but everyone loves Christmas and it’s never to early to get into the spirit.

So here’s a brief list of what’s hot right now and going straight on my list:

FullSizeRender (8)
I love the colour of these – the bright yellow is just what I need for the upcoming dull winter months.
FullSizeRender (9)
I love the colour of these and also the lace detail, I think they’re so casual yet so sexy.
FullSizeRender (12)
I’m a big fan of ‘comfy pants’ and think these look cute for a bigger knicker.
FullSizeRender (11)
I really love this colour and the crochet styling, I think these would look good on any figure.
FullSizeRender (10)
I adore these! These remind me of the ‘girl boxers’ from Topshop kinda days.

I think these knickers are so nice. There’s a huge range to choose from in Victoria Secrets, all of different prints as well – and you can get 5 for £25.

I know it’s a bit steep for knickers, but from experience these last ages and are of good quality so it’s worth the money.

FullSizeRender (5)
 I adore the chain detail on this bag and the size of it is so understated but noticeable.
FullSizeRender (7)
I think this bag is beautiful and the fact you can wear it on your shoulder due to the strap, or hold it by the handles is a nice touch. The shape of the bag is so eye-catching.

As you can see, the bags I’ve chosen are all by Michael Kors, but I noticed Selfridges had a sale so obviously thought I’d share!

The colours I picked all match that of my new purse, but I’ve included the other colours the bags come in.

Unfortunately my wish-list is just that… a wish-list. I can’t afford to buy these beautiful items 😦

Oh well, let’s hope Santa brings me one!

Let me know your favourite’s right now.

LouLou-London xox


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