Afternoon Tea- Royal Garden Hotel

My beautiful mum – Lainey – and I had afternoon tea at the Royal Garden Hotel, London.

I have 5 siblings so to try and get quality time with just my mum is hard for all of us. She’s non-stop, so I was over the moon to be able to spend the day with her 🙂

My mum surprised me with afternoon tea as it was something I mentioned I’d love to do.

Upon arrival we were greeted at the entrance and shown where to go. Our jackets were taken from us and they informed us they were running 5 minutes behind so offered us complimentary champagne (of course we accepted)! The customer service was amazing – we were happy to wait for our table, but little extra’s like this is why I think they can justify charging £31 per person.


This is my beautiful mum with her complimentary champagne!

When we were seated, we had the full sch-bang: I’m talking chair pulled out for us, napkin placed on our laps. This made me and my mum giggle as it’s so different from what we’re use too!

We were shown and told in detailed by one of the waiters what “tea’s” they have on offer – and we were even able to smell them. After having a thorough discussion about tea’s (surprisingly interesting), we picked our tea and then they bought over the sandwiches!

My mums a vegetarian and they had plenty of choice which kept her happy.The presentation was beautiful and they tasted even better. When we were running low on sandwiches we were asked if we’d like some more – and if so – which ones we’d like. This was something I didn’t expect from a place like this. I thought the portions would be tiny and you weren’t supposed to ask for more – so to be offered was lovely.

When we couldn’t eat any more, they asked if we’d like to take home our remaining sandwiches, I leaped at this to the embarrassment of my mum! We were then given a selection of cakes and scones, along with the necessary condiments (I said condiments you rude lot!) These were absolutely scrumptious and just look at how cute the presentation is:


The service we received, along with the food was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We stayed for over 2 hours and we weren’t rushed out of our seats which was nice.

I’d highly recommend going to the Royal Garden Hotel for afternoon tea. I know the prices are a little steep but you can get great deals on red letter days such as:

Even if you don’t fancy going to the Royal Garden Hotel for afternoon tea, I’d advise you all to attend one as it’s just so relaxing to get away for a few hours and enjoy great food and drink with someone you love.

Please see below for pictures of my afternoon experience, and if you have any questions or suggestions on other afternoon tea experiences then please let me know! I’d love to go on another one 🙂

LouLou-London xox

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