My weekend away: Portsmouth

On Friday 19 August – Sunday 21 August 2016, I went to Portsmouth for the weekend with my lovely family:

FullSizeRender (3)

Yep that’s right. We’re all doing a shot of Sambuca! please note those driving and under the age of 18 are doing a milkshake shot!

My auntie and uncle live here (it’s about 2 hours away from Essex) so this is the perfect excuse to visit the seaside – but if you haven’t been here before then I’d recommend going!

Here’s my list of why you should visit -even if it’s just for the day:

  • The sea-side – the beach is clean and so relaxing
  • The people are so friendly – they’re the type to say hello to each other without knowing you
  • Gunwharf Quays designer shopping outlet – everything from Michael Kors, to Ted Baker to Ugg to The Body Shop *dribbles just thinking about it*
  • Gunwharf itself – it’s situated on the harbour and it’s so modern and clean. There are so many restaurants and bars to choose from and the train station is literally a 2 min walk to get here
  • Spinnaker Tower – not only can you admire the views from here, but you can also have something to eat as well as abseil down it
  • Boutique shops and cafes – along the cobbled streets there are so many hidden gems

There are so many more reasons to visit Portsmouth; and my boyfriend and I try to go at least once together a year just the two of us – even if we don’t get to see my aunt – this is because it’s just so lovely to get away from the hustle and bustle of London and relax.

When I visited Portsmouth at the weekend, we did something for a range of ages – from 66 to 7 – so what I’d normally do with my boyfriend is something different to what I did with my family. But that just goes to show there’s something for everyone here.

I remembered to take pictures of things I think may interest you all:

We stayed in The Ibis hotel – which is the cheapest hotel around. But saying that, the rooms are clean and have everything you need. If you want to stay somewhere a bit more roomy and are willing to pay extra then you can look around, but for us this hotel was perfect as we were out for most of the day and this was just somewhere to rest our heads.

We were only here for two nights, but we managed to squeeze in Gunwharf shopping outlet, a walk along the harbour and beach front, brunch in the cutest boutique cafe called The Tenth Hole, dinner at 6oz Burgers, a look around a church dating back to 1212, as well as spending an evening in playing games.

I’d recommend going here around Christmas though if you can. This is because it’s so Christmassy and really gets you in the mood (plus the shopping outlet is so good to get presents cheap!)

I know this isn’t what most of you will regard as ‘travelling’ – but to me exploring new places in around England is as good as exploring places further afield.

Let me know of any places you think I should visit as I’m keen to see as many areas here and around the world that I can 🙂

LouLou-London x0x


P.S. check out what I bought from Gunwharf whilst I was here! You can see it under fashion 🙂

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