Hair colour transformation


Like most girls, your hair is important to you.

Mine is like a comfort blanket and I always take pride in how my hair looks – but most importantly I enjoy making my hair look nice.

I have naturally dark hair and at 21 I wanted a change. I was fed up of having ‘boring’ hair so began looking into hair colouring – but I knew I didn’t want anything drastic.

This is how my hair looked before I coloured it. Yep this is me au naturale.


I’d seen pictures of Balayage and thought it was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted – a subtle change.

This is something I was keen on and I showed this picture to my hairdresser:


I thought this would be nice as it’s very natural looking – and I didn’t want to go drastically different.

I had my hair coloured back in June 2016 by a salon I didn’t know very well and the stylist who I met on the day. This may be one of the reasons as to why the end result didn’t reflect the picture above AT ALL.

My hair had a dark root, then went into a ginger and finally a blonde. It looked more like ombre than balayage (I’ll include a picture further down).

Of course I explained to the hairdresser it wasn’t what I was after and she attempted to ‘fix it’ by putting a toner on my hair to darken it. But it really did nothing.

I came out of the salon in tears and for the next few weeks went everywhere in a hat if I could get away with one – and at work I pinned it into a tight bun to try and hide the colour.

I was so embarrassed and even hid my hair from my boyfriend (and I’ve been with him for 4 years!).

I began to seek advice from other hairdressers and was told I should wait a while before I colour my hair again as it could damage it further – and as my hair was bleached on the end any colour applied to it could turn it green!

I patiently waited until August 13th 2016 until I had my hair FIXED!

I knew of a girl from secondary school who had one awards for her hairdressing and works on shoots around the country doing models and celebrity’s hair. So after stalking her on Facebook I finally messaged her.

I explained what had happened to my hair and she asked for pictures and was extremely thorough before she even saw me.

When August 13th came I was nervous.

I had got so use to hiding my hair or pinning it up on nights out that I wasn’t sure I wanted it coloured again in case it went wrong or I wasn’t happy.

But my worrying was for nothing!

Fran (the new, fab hairdresser) was amazing. She spoke to me step-by-step and showed me what colour she’ll do my hair – but did explain it will take time for me to get my natural hair colour back without damaging it further.

This is what she managed to do. The picture on the left is my ‘balayage’ hair and the picture on the right is after Fran worked her magic!

FullSizeRenderI was over the moon with the end result.

She had taken away the brassy tones of my hair and made it no longer look like straw!

She told me that the ends will differ slightly to the rest of my hair simply because of how bleached they were – but I can’t believe how different my hair looks.

Fran advised me to use John Freda shampoo just for brunettes – so I went out straight away and bought myself some. This is just to protect the brown tones in my hair and to stop them fading.

I’m now so confident in myself again – and I know it might sound silly as I’m aware there are far worse things going on it the world – but I believe self confidence is so important.

If you aren’t happy with yourself and love yourself – then you won’t be happy in life. My hair fiasco might seem like a little thing to you, but to me this is massive.

My advice to you before you dare touch your hair is:

  • research the salon and stylist who will be doing your hair – read reviews
  • have a consultation if possible so you can talk about what you want and see what the stylist is able to offer
  • look around different salons – you might find somewhere cheaper or a stylist who can create your look better
  • be sure you want to change your hair because once it’s done – there’s no going back!
  • think whether you want to change/colour your hair – think about cost and the damaging effects it’ll have on your hair
  • think again – be 100% sure you want your hair changed or styled differently
  • ENJOY YOUR NEW HAIR (I can say this because if you follow these steps I guarantee* you won’t have any regrets)

*well maybe not guarantee because your mate Ashley might have just gained her NVQ in hairdressing and say she’s really good, and you want a freebie & it might end disastrously – so yanoo.

Please be confident in yourself. This is a really shallow post because it’s whats on the inside that counts 🙂

Let me know if you’ve had any hair regrets or drama’s! I’d love to know I’m not the only one.

LouLou-London xox

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